Sirkel is a boutique consultancy working with organisations who want to make sustainability central to their business

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Growth by reduction

Through tailored circular economy solutions we help companies grow their competitive advantage whilst reducing their environmental impact. We work with a small selection of clients mainly in the design & built environment.

Why Sirkel and why circularity?

Sirkel Consulting is run by Susanne Conway, combining experience in board-level commercial strategy, communications and sustainability.

Sirkel (/ˈsɜː(r)k(ə)l/) is Norwegian for circle. Having grown up in Norway, Susanne wanted to reflect a bit of her heritage in her business.

Norway is rated #2 for Environmental Quality in the 2022 Social Progress Index, has the world’s highest proportion of electric vehicles and has been the largest donor of the Amazon Fund.

On the other hand, Norway’s economy relies on oil and gas for 60% of its export, is only 2.4% circular and has one of the earliest overshoot days at 12 April.

Like countries, organisations too will have wins and losses in terms of sustainability. The circular economy is about seeing the big picture, working in partnerships and finding business opportunities which help drastically reduce, rather than increase environmental footprints.

We believe this is the way forward for business in the world today.


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Susanne gained a merit in Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership and has qualifications in Circular Economy from Delft University, Product Life Cycle Assessment from UCL and Net Zero & SECR compliance from the UK Energy Managers Association.


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Prior to consulting, Susanne had 12 years’ experience working in-house in organisations and is well versed with building a business case, engaging with stakeholders at all levels and aligning company strategy.


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As a founding member of Sustaineers Consultants, Sirkel Consulting can supplement its direct expertise with other disciplines, such as equality, diversity & inclusion (ED&I), carbon accounting, supply chain transparency and sustainable marketing.

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