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How we create impact through our work

Sirkel Consulting is a young business founded at the end of 2020. Since then we have helped to:

  • Create reduction strategies for almost 20 000t CO2e over the next five years. This is equivalent to more than 1 500 people’s average carbon footprint per year in the UK
  • Facilitate sustainability training for more than 500 people in several countries
  • Set the agenda for sustainability in the UK interior design sector
  • Give 10% of earnings towards natural carbon capture through crucial rainforest protection

Our vision

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Our vision is a world where all organisations are circular. To us this means that they give back more than they take from the natural world.

Our mission is to help enable organisations and sectors to become circular in a commercially successful way. To us this means making sustainability central to how they solve problems, operate and engage with their stakeholders.


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We support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and the most relevant to Sirkel are:

  • Climate action – The key global challenge
  • Responsible consumption & production – The essence of circularity
  • Life on land – Key to mitigating climate change
  • Clean water & sanitation – The next big challenge
  • Partnership for the goals – The only way to achieve the above


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Our client work has enabled Sirkel to give 10% of earnings for 2021 to Cool Earth, who work to protect the rainforest.

We selected Cool Earth because we see their cause as the most fundamental in balancing carbon capture, natural solutions and biodiversity. They have strong governance and some of the most renowned scientists in the field.

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